In this Twitter marketing video you’ll learn how to run a Twitter traffic lead machine in an hour a day!


That’s how many followers Kim had on her @kimgarst Twitter account on August 6, 2015.

In just over 90 days, from May 1st – August 6th, she added 32,254 new followers.

There is nothing impressive about that though. Anybody can build a large (but crummy!) Twitter following.

There are 1,001 “how-to’s” out there that can teach you to do that.

The difference for her following is that she wants Twitter to be a traffic and lead machine for her business, Boom! Social Media Marketing — I bet that’s what you want too.

So, what you probably want to see is her traffic stats for the same period, right? Here you go:

In just over 90 days she had:

• 29 MILLION+ impressions

• Over a quarter million engagements

• 55,000+ link clicks to content, squeeze pages, offers, eBooks, etc.

Watch this video to see how you can do this for your Twitter marketing campaign!

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Twitter marketing – how to run a Twitter traffic lead machine in an hour a day!


12 thoughts on “Twitter Marketing How to Run a Twitter Traffic Lead Machine in an Hour a Day

  1. I'm pretty much doing this except for a few things that really caught my attention. I've been getting the people and impressions seeing my tweets but Haven't been getting the results as far as engagements and clicks, I believe it's because "i myself" havent been engaging with the people first when they show interest in my tweets

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