If you’re struggling to keep up with all the things you can do on Twitter when marketing, below are 9 of the most powerful Twitter tools that will help your marketing become more effective.

Snip.ly is a link shortening tool. It allows you to mask and shorten long, ugly links so your tweet doesn’t exceed 140 characters. But that’s not only what makes snip.ly one of the most powerful Twitter tools. Snip.ly allows you to display your ads, so when people click on your shortened link, your ad appears on the page you’ve redirected people to.

Gifmaker.me allows you to create animated gifs, slideshows and video animations while adding background music. Not only is it a free tool, no registration is required either. Simply upload your image, decide on the size of the image you want to create, decide on how fast you want the animation to play and choose the background music you want to add.

Buffer.com is a social media scheduling tool and Twitter automation tool that allows you to schedule multiple tweets in advanced so they get published at certain days and times. Although social media marketing is not just about publishing content, it’s also about listening and engaging with people, Buffer is still a great tool to automate a large part of your Twitter marketing efforts.

Narrow is a Twitter auto follower tool which also performs audience research as well as provides useful analytics. To use this Twitter automation tool, simply open an account and list the keywords you wish to target. What this Twitter auto follower tool will then do, is automatically follow users who match your keywords and then unfollow users who haven’t followed you back. Remember to use this Twitter auto follower tool carefully, as aggressive Twitter automation can lead to the suspension of your account.

If you don’t have a graphic designer in house to source images and add your branding and website on each, Canva is a great alternative. Canva is a photo editor tool that allows you to upload images or choose from existing templates, and then allows you to add filters, adjust the brightness, crop, resize and even add texts.

Since Twitter introduced the use of hashtags, which can be a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign that people add in their tweets to categorize them according to their content and makes tweets accessible to anyone interested in specific topics. So, hashtags are very powerful and should be tracked using tools such as Hashtracking. Hashtracking allows you to quantify the impact of your hashtags, the impact of your Twitter marketing in general and identify important influencers.

Followerwonk is a fantastic Twitter tool that offers lots of services to improve your Twitter marketing. This Twitter tool provides detailed analytics about your followers, such as who they are, what they tweet about, where they are located geographically and what times of the day they are the most active, so you can serve them better.

Should your goal on Twitter be to generate traffic to your website using Twitter, then your key performance indicator would be the number of clicks you get to your links. So, to monitor how many clicks you get to your website, clickmeter is a fantastic tool. All you need to do is create a tracking link for your website link within clickmeter, and then publish that link on Twitter. When you do, you’ll be able to see how many people visit your website, and have insights on these visitors such as which country they come from, what language they speak, which device they use, and much more.

Google alerts is a service offered by Google which sends you email notifications every time information is published on the web on a topic of your choice. Since coming up with interesting tweets to share with followers can be tricky, simply set up google alerts for specific keywords, so when these keywords appear in online articles, you will be notified in real time.


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  2. How to build a automated reply in twitter , like some corporate & even bank now use twitter as real time communication, in msg please advice

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