The #WaterCooler Β is back with a deep dive on using Twitter to market your business – how to get more followers, more clicks, and more leads. We’re covering how to use Twitter ads, Twitter Analytics, and much more.


35 thoughts on “Advanced Twitter Marketing. How to get more followers, traffic and sales from Twitter.

  1. Thanks for sharing this video Chris. Got something to share. This is for business owners and bloggers, discover this amazing twitter marketing software that generates viral targeted traffic on autopilot – NOTE: This software is more powerful than your brain. And it's different from all that you have experienced lately.

  2. πŸ™‚ tweet/retweet ya, initial tweet. And where does one find all the coding keys? .@, or …# (so the #s are purportedly invisible, so you don't look so spammy, as I do:

    @andrew_aquarius and @aquariusness_com (IG)…

    And how does anyone know if that's your twit handle or your IG handle?

    *I had a hard time even adopting that verb- it bugged me. You mean I'll now be a 'tweeter' (N.)? Honestly, though I'm digging this because i do see the obvious power- and neither are FB, which makes me feel smarmy for some reason… thx, a.

  3. Also, I do like using a third party to post from IG and have a full sized photo show up on my Twitter and FB feed. But I realize this could be an issue in some ways, but nothing outside of fine-tuning (one issue being 30IG hashtags..:) Perhaps you'll address this if I shut up and quit typing…

  4. Hey guys thanks for the info I'm only 17:00mins in and have found it good to know others find, or initially found, Twitter confusing. I'm 45 and very tech savvy, but it just didn't appeal to me until now- and honestly, I loathe FB- I mean really- yuck. πŸ™‚ But I'm an digital artist and tried IG and liked the feedback. In that time I realized that I could actually, and politely, 'get to people' that I'd love to engage with- and 'find my tribe' so to speak. …Anyway, I tend to overthink and overwrite- so ok, thanks, *A.

  5. Tried out some of your Twitter tips, always retweet with a comment, tweet a lot with a conversational tone, I also thanked people and included a picture I thought they may like based on what they retweeted or liked. I'm an artist so I have tons of images to share. Got a ton of engagement back and more retweets than ever before so thanks your tips really work for anyone out there wondering if they should bother.This was only over one day also so just image if I did this all the time.

  6. Seems everyones throwing their twitter handle @webscopedigital would love a follow but its no biggie. Anyways I just bought The Conversion Code on Amazon and anxiously waiting.

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