Twitter Marketing 2018 – How To Get Over 1 Million Followers

Want to learn my ninja methods to market on Twitter? Watch this video where I break down all the strategies that are working for me.

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Twitter marketing is very easy, however majority of the people fail to get effective and efficient results. This tutorial shows you how to fix the most common errors that most digital marketers make while marketing on Twitter.

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11 thoughts on “Twitter Marketing 2018 – How To Get Over 1 Million Followers

  1. Unfortunately, there's a limit one can follow on Twitter just under 5000 people at one time and then, kA BOOOM…. you will be stopped. Same like FB…. so unless you paying a 3rd party to get more followers, the limitation is still there

  2. Social media management tools are your best friends when integrating social media into your marketing strategy.
    And provide tips and guides to help you choose the best social media management tool for your small business.

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