Here are my Digital Marketing tips on growing your twitter account organically. This should cover most the tips on growth.


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24 thoughts on “Organically Grow Twitter – Digital Marketing Tips

  1. Twitter is definitely easy to grow organically, and you are right, with the power of tweet we can easily grow our audiences. Great video!

  2. I am Amogh & currently I am working as a digital marketing intern. My work is to handle Twitter account of the company. I am very workaholic kind of person. So as a intern what should I expect from the company should I ask them to teach the ways of handling twitter(tips & triks) or what should I do? Please help me out pls…..

  3. Twitter is something I'm never that excited about, I've noticed a lot of people just automate most and focus on one. Do you go all out on every social network or try to grow one properly at a time?

  4. I've been trying to gather leads on Twitter organically. It's been pretty hard really. I've tried everything from following potential clients to sending DMs when they follow back (Not auto DMs BTW because I wanted it to be humanly) to optimizing the twitter page, but it's still so hard. What do you advise?

  5. I'm always active on twitter and I have over 100 followers but they never interact with me. They never reply, favorite, or retweet what I post and I do the things that you mentioned in this video. I don't know if they just don't see my tweets or what? Oh well. I keep posting stuff just in case. Cool video 🙂

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