If you’re just getting started with Twitter marketing, these are some basics you should know to get the ball rolling right. I share some advice along with another great Twitter expert: CMO of 52 Creative Vincenzo Landino.

Twitter Small Business Marketing Jump Start Checklist:

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28 thoughts on “Getting Started with Twitter Marketing

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  3. this type of content deserves more views, people seriouly belive that they can not be successfull and create there own wealth, when people see other people doing very well for themselfs monetraly all they can see is the big house, lambo, and all the money they have, but this blinds them becuase what they see is simply a result of an equation, Its like your soo focused on the number 4 and dont see that to get for you need to ad 2+2

  4. This is the platform I struggle with the most. What advice do you have for someone who is starting out blogging but also works and is a full time student? I feel like I'm always at work or in class (one day I work 9hrs then go straight to class until 10pm) when my Twitter followers are most active.

  5. Great idea to host another industry leader within the video. It multiplies your brand and highlights your dominance in your field. 😉

  6. Ahh yes, the one I was waiting for, I've been using Twitter more often lately, and needed these tips

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