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In this video, you will learn the first 25 tips you need to know to get big results on Twitter when it comes to getting more engagement, traffic, subscribers and sales. I’m going to share with you some strategies that I wish someone had taught me when I started out because I had to learn most of it the hard way. I will be addressing your profile, how to get found, how to take advantage of trends, what to do with hashtags, how to get more followers, and much, much more. Enjoy the video!


24 thoughts on “75 Twitter Marketing Tips And Tricks 2016 (1-25)

  1. beware of people who have 250k followers, look at their tweets, how many people actually look at them,. check their action. if they only have 30 or so replies likes or retweets then they bought list of followers. look out

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  5. Great video really enjoyed your tips looking forward to seeing the other 50. I'm totally blown away by all this information. I haven't signed up on Twitter yet, have an old account which I haven't used for a few years and since I'm just starting off on internet marketing i figured start a fresh right but know zero about Twitter so yeah have a lot to learn, so cheers Justin your video's are informative, on point and perfect for newbies like me.

  6. Really great tips. I am new to Twitter and somehow managed to get over 800 followers. Then the next time I looked I had less than 600 and now I'm below 300. I've been sending thank you notes with a picture of our village in Nepal to people who follow me and haven't even begun to do any self promoting for our NGO. Is this a common thing?

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